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Marriage Amendments will be on the ballot in at least three states!  
Despite the California Supreme Court's rogue decision to force homosexual "marriage" against the will of the people (the state legislature passed a one-man one-woman bill in 1977, and over 60% of voters in the state ratified marriage as one-man, one-woman in 2000), at least three (3) states thus far, will allow voters to decide marriage for themselves this fall. After the California decision, the Secretary of State certified a citizen's initiative defining marriage as one-man, one-woman in California; thus, voiding the rogue decision of the Court.

Just last week, the Arizona State Senate by a 16-4 vote, entrusted the definition of marriage to the people.  The Senate discussion was so heated on both sides that it went down in the record books as one of the longest sessions in the history of the Arizona legislature.  For the pro-family groups watching this nail-biting exchange, it was a long day that ended in dramatic fashion when Senate President Tim Bee cast the final vote in favor of putting the referendum on the ballot.

Finally, the state of Florida has already approved its marriage protection amendment which will be voted on in November, as well.  In fact, national political observers have already stated that the outcome of the presidential contest could turn on the results of the marriage amendment in Florida, a key battleground state just like in Ohio in 2004. 


The reason we need statewide constitutional amendments to properly protect and define marriage is quite simple, homosexual extremists and corrupt judicial activists refuse to accept the will of the people.  Currently, forty-five (45) of our fifty (50) states, or 90%, define marriage as one-man, one-woman and of those, thirty (30), or 60%, have statewide constitutional amendments that protect marriage in addition to state laws. 


After this year's presidential elections on November 4th, at least three (3) more states will protect marriage in their state constitutions raising the total to thirty-three (33) states, or a full two-thirds (66%) of the country!  This will prevent rogue state judges from redefining marriage!

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