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A Turncoat "Republican" Mayor Backs Homosexual "Marriage" Despite Unanimous Community Opposition  
Despite unanimous voter opposition, Miami-Dade "Strong Mayor" Carlos Alvarez, incredibly got on his knees for homosexual groups that forced the Board of County Commissioners to pass a so-called "Domestic Partners" ordinance granting marital benefits to unmarried sexual "partners" of county employees and creating a "registry" for these "partners," all at taxpayers' expense.



The ordinance, passed on May 20th 2008, creates a virtual "homosexual marriage" status in direct violation of Florida's Defense of Marriage Act, as well as squanders scarce taxpayer dollars just when the county is cutting out $240 million on much-needed citizen services due to budgetary constraints.

Thousands of pro-family voters and dozens of human rights organizations asked Mayor Alvarez to veto the ordinance only to watch in utter disbelief as he completely ignored their pleas and openly violated the "Marriage Protection Pledge" he publicly signed on March 14, 2004 (please see attached), promising voters to protect the institution of marriage against so-called "civil unions" and/or "domestic partnerships."

According to the County's Communications Office, the voter-reaction tally was:

Phone calls:
          Support the ordinance:      9
          Against the ordinance:  970

          Support the ordinance:      0
          Against the ordinance:  800

          Support the ordinance:  140
          Against the ordinance:   971

"When a public official deliberately mocks the will of the people, he undermines democracy and teaches public contempt for the rule of law," stated Anthony Verdugo, Executive Director, Christian Family Coalition (CFC), one of Florida's largest and most effective non-denominational Pro-Family, Pro-Life, Human Rights organization. The numbers the County made public are less than half of the voter contacts documented by CFC leaders, nevertheless they paint a picture of a Mayor dangerously disconnected from his constituents.

"Republican Mayor Alvarez vehemently campaigned for the "Strong Mayor" amendment to the county's charter because he said he wanted to be held "accountable" to the voters.  Sadly, he has proven to be a weak, impostor mayor, rather than a strong, real one.  We voted for a conservative Republican leader and got a liberal, spineless wimp instead," exclaimed Wendy Guzman, Human Rights chairman of the Republican National Forum, a Republican organization active in Miami-Dade.

TO REQUEST AN INTERVIEW or for more information, please call 305-222-8196.
FOR THE RECORD: The following County Commissioners voted to impose the so-called "Domestic Partners" (a.k.a. homosexual "marriage") ordinance on the citizens of Miami-Dade:

1.  Bruno Barreiro, "Republican" Dist. 5
2.  Rebeca Sosa, "Republican" Dist. 6
3.  Carlos Gimenez, "Republican" Dist. 7
4.  Barbara Jordan, Democrat Dist. 1
5.  Audrey Edmonson, Democrat Dist. 3
6.  Sally Heyman, Democrat Dist. 4
7.  Katy Sorenson, Democrat Dist. 8
8.  Dennis Moss, Democrat Dist. 9

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