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Trinity International Foundation (TIF), a subsidiary of Trinity International University (TIU), sold radio station WMCU/WKCP 89.7 FM for 20 million dollars to American Public Media Group (APMG). The FCC license has been transferred and the money has been paid to the college.

The Christian programming has been replaced with classical.

Many have sent E-mail, Fax, and letters, complaining to the parent organizations of the former radio station, which are Trinity International University (TIU) and The Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA); but Trinity simply does not care about Christian Radio in South Florida.  They made it plain and simple - they wanted the money not the radio ministry.

We are now asking those opposed to the sale of WMCU/WKCP to contact Bill McCollum, Attorney General of Florida.  He has the authority to investigate and bring civil and criminal charges against TIF, TIU and APMG.  Maybe if criminal charges are brought against the board of directors of these two parties the station can be returned to Christian programming.

This is urgent.  Please E-mail, call, and Fax the Attorney General of Florida, Bill McCollum.

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COMPLAINT against WMCU/WKCP/ Trinity International Foundation, Trinity International University and American Public Media Group.  Please investigate for misrepresentation, fraud, conspiracy, and other wrongful conduct in operation of a Charitable Trust in Florida.  We do not want the money proceeds from the sale of the radio station going to Illinois.  Please take immediate action in civil and criminal court to reverse the sale and restore Christian Radio programming to South Florida.   



Mail and FAX complaints to:

Office of Attorney General
The Capitol PL-01
Tallahassee, FL

E-mail:  ag.mccollum@myfloridalegal.com

Phone: 850-414-3300 
Fax: 850-410-1630

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