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Miami-Dade County Commissioners consider Domestic "Partner" Proposal (a.k.a. Homosexual "Marriage")  
We are proud to report that the Economics Committee of the Miami-Dade County Commission postponed a public hearing and a vote on the domestic "partner" proposal which would give marriage benefits to the partners of the county's homosexual employees!
Committee Vote on Proposal Postponed!

Recently, the Miami Herald newspaper reported that the Board of Miami-Dade County Commissioners are actually considering an ordinance that would force taxpayers to pay for marriage benefits to the partners of its homosexual employees. 
Here's how this is happening:
A small group of commissioners have secretly filed an ordinance that would create “domestic partner” benefits.  This means that if Tom and Jim live together, then the County will recognize them as “domestic partners” and they would be treated just like they were married!   If Jim moves out, then Tom will go ahead and sign up his next partner, and so on!
Since the news broke, the Christian Family Coalition has been leading the effort to STOP this proposal!  Thus far, we have informed thousands of voters through our television and radio outreach and generated hundreds of telephone calls and E-mails to Commissioners telling them to vote "NO."
We want to thank everyone who has responded to our E-mail alerts and urge you to continue communicating with your commissioners.  We will be keeping you informed on the progress of our campaign to protect marriage in Miami-Dade County and throughout Florida as the union of only one man and one woman.
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