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More Than One Million Floridians Urge Governor Crist To SIGN HB-1143  
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Bill protects women's health care by giving them REAL INFORMED CHOICE ON ABORTION; protects taxpayers from being forced to pay for abortion on demand against their will.

May 21, 2010

Anthony Verdugo, Christian Family Coalition, (786) 447-6431
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The Common-Sense Coalition, a multi-ethnic, multi-generational, multi-racial, bi-partisan statewide coalition of civil and human rights organizations in Florida representing more than one million voters joined their voices today and sent Gov. Charlie Crist a letter urging him to SIGN HB 1143, which protects women's health care by giving them REAL INFORMED CHOICE ON ABORTION and protects taxpayers from being forced to pay for abortion on demand against their will.

“This letter clearly shows the overwhelming support in Florida for women’s health care by giving them REAL INFORMED CHOICE ON ABORTION and protecting taxpayers from being forced to pay for abortion on demand against their will,” said Carole Griffin, Executive Director, Eagle Forum of Florida. “We applaud the state legislature, in particular the women who courageously stood up for women's health care and voted "YES" on HB-1143." 

The bill, if signed into law by Gov. Crist, will protect women’s health care 
by giving them REAL INFORMED CHOICE ON ABORTION and protect taxpayers from being forced to pay for abortion on demand against their will.  
"Contrary to the lies being perpetuated by our opponents, this common-sense bill gives women who are considering an abortion the CHOICE of voluntarily reviewing and having a live ultrasound explained to her before the procedure, should she choose to, otherwise, she can decline, it is ALWAYS the woman's CHOICE", stated Rosa Armesto, a statewide women's rights leader.

"Extremist, fringe groups are so desperate to derail this comon-sense bill that they are intentionally lying to Governor Crist about what the bill actually does and, in turn, endangering women's lives; that is just mean-spirited, and any politician who goes along with their web of lies and deceit will also be guilty of acting against the best interests of women in Florida", stated Wendy Guzman, Republican National Forum. 
In fact, according to according to the March of Dimes, a first-trimester ultrasound is used to confirm and date the pregnancy, it further states, "An ultrasound during the first trimester of pregnancy can help determine the gestational age of the fetus. Accurate dating of the pregnancy helps prevent inadvertent early deliveries, including unnecessary inductions of labor for pregnancies thought to be postterm (lasting about 2 weeks beyond the due date). Early delivery can result in the birth of a premature baby (before 37 completed weeks of pregnancy) who is at risk of newborn health complications and lasting disabilities."  Finally, a 2006 Institute of Medicine report encourages wider use of ultrasound to more accurately establish gestational age as a step toward learning more about the causes of premature birth (2).
“This is an extraordinary collaborative effort by a broad spectrum of organizations representing Floridians from all walks of life,” said Carolyn Kennedy. “This legislation puts Florida on the map as a state on the cutting edge of protecting women's health, when new medical information such as this is avialable, elected officials have a sworn duty and responsibility to protect their constituents through common-sense proposals such as
Please click here to read letter to Governor Crist

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