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Beware of the ACLU PATH Project  
Beware! The ACLU of Florida, a pro-abortion group, has launched a teen health website . . .

This is what appears on the home page:

If you are a teenager and thinking about having an abortion, we want you to know your rights.

If you are not able to tell your parent or guardian about your decision to have an abortion, click here to find out how to ask for a court order so you don't have to tell a parent.

You have a right to a lawyer to help you through the process.  There is no charge for the lawyer.  The court procedure is free and confidential.

If you're under the age of 18 and plan to have an abortion, and want more information about this process or getting an attorney for no cost, call our toll free hotline: (877) FLA-PATH or 877-352-7284.

Here's what you need to know about the law, if you're under 18 and plan to have an abortion

More for teens... for more misinformation click on www.pathproject.net

Given everything we already know about the ACLU, it would certainly appear as if they are attempting to undermine the law and parental rights!

In order to counter this propaganda from the ACLU, and other extremist groups like it, we have provided the following warning notice for you, as a parent, to read. Furthermore, we have provided links for the following websites for honest, clear and accurate medical information on teen pregnancy.


Beware of Pro-Abortion "Clinics" and Websites!

In small and large towns throughout the United States (and all over the Internet), pro-abortion groups have set up websites and "clinics."  These "clinics" are often located near high schools.

These centers follow a format suggested by the Planned Parenthood of America that is deliberately designed to misinform and mislead women and young girls.

Going by the names, Planned Parenthood, National Organization for Women (NOW) National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) and the PATH Project, a project of the ACLU of Florida, these groups want to be the first contact that the women and young girls make when they think they might be pregnant, so they can talk them into having an abortion.

These "clinics" do NOT provide complete medical information regarding the scientific development of the unborn child.  Many offer free pregnancy tests or pregnancy counseling as a means to lure you in.  Almost always, they provide propaganda that denies the humanity of the unborn child and the many serious health and mental risks associated with abortions.

Nearly all of these centers are operated by secular or anti-religious groups.  They refer to themselves as "pro-choice" and/or "pro-women."

Most pro-abortion centers will not give out information by phone, they insist you come into their office.  Women have reported waiting up to an hour for the results of a pregnancy test and being forced to watch pro-abortion videos while they wait, surrounded by pro-abortion propaganda.  Some women have then been denied the results of their pregnancy test when they say they want to keep their child.

Women describe being harassed, intimidated, and given blatantly false information. They complain that their confidential information was used against them.  In some cases, they were followed home, and mail and phone calls intruded into their homes.

Their offices are filled with information that is one-sided.  None of these centers offer ultrasound (also known as sonograms).  They refuse or fail to provide complete and accurate medical information on the development of the child.

If you discover you are seeking help from a pro-abortion facility, protect yourself from further harassment.  Leave immediately and do not return.  When you do locate a professional clinic that offers information about truly healthy options, be sure to tell them about your experience at the fake clinic and let them help you sort out the facts from the unscientific ideas and outright lies you have been told.

The Christian Family Coalition has provided valuable links for honest resources to help you make a truly informed decision, based on science, not pro-abortion propaganda or ideology.

How to Locate a Professional Reliable Honest clinic

Select clinics that provide the full range of honest, accurate, and complete medical information.

Be cautious when surfing the Web.  Often you will find pro-abortion Websites disguised as pro-choice information.  Keep searching for reliable information.

Select clinics that have clearly established reputations.  Avoid centers with ambiguous descriptions.  Avoid clinics whose staff do not provide full, clear answers regarding their services.  Ask friends or relatives you trust!


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