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Governor Crist Receives HB-1143, Christian Family Coalition Releases Special Video on HB-1143!  
20100609 cfc
A new video has been released with urgent appeals to the governor.

(Please click here to see special video on HB-1143!) 

Yesterday, Florida Governor Charlie Crist received HB-1143, a moderate, mainstream, bipartisan, commonsense bill which gives all women in Florida the opportunity to see an ultrasound of their unborn child only if they choose to, it also prohibits taxpayers from having to pay for abortions against their will!

This law has already been signed by Republican and Democratic governors in twenty (20) states, and is endorsed by the American College of Pediatricians as well as the Commonsense Coalition, a multi-ethnic, muti-racial, and multi-cultural coalition of human rights organizations. 

Anti-women extremist groups have pulled out all the stops and are aggresively to trying to get the Governor to veto this bill! 

 Please click here to send letter urging Governor Crist to sign HB-1143!  

(Please click here to see special video on HB-1143)

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