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Victory Report! House Council Passes Parental Notification Bill!  
20100413 CFC
CFC Appaluds Democratic State Representative Luis Garcia for his "YES" vote! Senate Committeee Temporarily Postpones Vote, We will Keep You Posted!

Click on the link above to see how your Representative voted.

MIAMI- 04/13/2010: Today, the Criminal & Civil Justice Policy Council passed, with both Republican and Democartic support, by an 11-4 margin HB 1449, which will strengthen Florida's parental notification law! Due to the hard work of the Christian Family Coalition, state representatives, Eduardo "Eddy" Gonzalez, Julio Robaina, and Michael B. Weinstein who are members of the council, were already co-sponsors of the bill!

While the ACLU of Florida and Planned Parenthood of Florida each testified against the bill, Anthony Verdugo, Founder and Executive Director of the Christian Family Coalition was the only person to testify in support of the bill. Mr. Verdugo pointed out the following facts: -An overwhelming majority of Floridians (65%) voted to amend our state constitution to provide for parental notification before a minor, unmarried girl can obtain an abortion.

* Abortion is a high risk procedure and parents are entrusted by the state for the health, safety and welfare of their children.

* Minors need to get their parents permission before taking an aspirin in school, why should parents be kept in the dark when it comes to their minor daughter getting an abortion.

* This is a concensus bill, both pro-life and pro-choice Americans agree that parents have the right to be notified before their minor, unmarried daughter gets an abortion.

* This is not a new law, we are simply strengthening existing law to give judges some structure and guidance on how or when to grant a waiver to a minor, unmarried girl, so that waivers are not rubberstamped without any accountability or transparency from the courts as is currently being done.

* Finally, Mr. Verdugo pointed out that the Common Sense Coalition made up of civil and human rights organization such as: the Democratic League, the Republican National Forum, Knights of Columbus and Communities Strengthening Families for the Good Life, among others, have endorsed the bill.

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