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Day at the Capitol 2011 - RECAP REPORT - View Picture of the Event Here !  

   Day at the Capitol 2011 - RECAP REPORT   




Christian Family Coalition Hosts "2011 Day At the Capitol"
Largest turnout of pro-family citizen lobbyists ever!
MIAMI-On March 23rd - 24th, 2011, the Christian Family Coalition hosted its largest Day At the Capitol event ever, when
nearly one-hundred (100) pro-family Christians descended on the Capitol. The halls of the Florida State Capitol were filled with citizens, each representing 5,000 voters, lobbied their state representatives and state senators on critical bills affecting Florida's families!  Participants came from all across Florida, from Homestead to Tallahassee. 
The CFC’s Day at the Capitol 2011 was a two day event.  During the first evening the group participated in a dedication of the event with worship, singing and prayer on the steps of the Capitol.  The group was honored by the presence of Representatives Janet Adkins (District 12) and Charles E Van Zant (District 21) during this special prayer service.
The second day kicked off with the "2011 Florida Leadership Prayer Breakfast" hosted by the Christian Family Coalition and sponsored by the Israel Ministry of Tourism (IMOT).  After breakfast, nealry one-hundred (100) citizen lobbyists met with over two dozen (24) state senators and representatives on a host of pro-family issues including: Public Funding of Abortion (SJR 1538), Ultrasound Before Abortion (SB1744), Parental Notification (SB1770) and the proposed Parental Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (SM954).
As a direct result of our efforts, these pro-family bills have garnered the support necessary to pass numerous committees on their way to a vote in the full House and Senate!

Joe Diaz, Rev. Bramnick with Rep. Van Zant Rev. Ureña leading one of the prayers at the steps of the Capitol building.
 Representative Janet Adkins shared with the group words of encouragement and gratitude for our visit as Rep. Van Zant looks on. After the 8 hour bus ride, participants shared dinner at the hotel and some leisure time. Arthur Speigal, Esq. and Jim Dundorf
Derek and Rachel Forero with their family joined by Martha Avila Duane Carbo, Ricardo and Diana Jalube and Anasilvia Goedmakers

The group visited with Senator Anitere Flores.

Many constituents listened to Senator Flores encouraging words to continue the communication with our legistlators.
The group supported in prayer the visiting Representatives including Rep. Van Zant. The beautiful evening was filled with praise & worship songs and prayer.  It proved to be a memorable time.
Performer, Victor Clairmont accompanied by other participants. Visiting with their Representative Ron Saunders are Rebecca and Ada Naranjo.
Beverly Roper and Rev. Eduardo Ureña Visiting with their district Senator Jeremy Ring are Rev. Ricardo and Diana Jalube.
Rebecca Naranjo and Ada Naranjo pose with their district  Senator, Anitere Flores. Group members visited with Rep. Evan Jenne.
The group was grateful that Representative Daphne Campbell took a few minutes from her busy schedule to meet with them. CFC president, Tony Verdugo met with the group for a debriefing meeting before they left back home to south Florida.

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