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The Extraordinary Impact of the Christian Vote on Tuesday  
At least one out of every six voters is a member or supporter of the Christian Family Coalition

MIAMI-The impact of the Christian, pro-life, pro-family vote in Tuesday's Miami-Dade County Elections was historic!

While only 15.9% or 193,703 eligible voters cast a ballot overall, independent analyses indicate that approximately 35% of Christian Family Coalition voters or 36,400 cast a ballot.   

"This is truly an extraordinary turnout in an election where there was very little interest, this means that at least one out of every six voters who cast a ballot is a member or supporter of the Christian Family Coalition.  Furthermore, these 36,000+ voters represent four times the number of votes (9,000) that separate the two leading mayoral candidates. Our collective votes cannot be discounted in the run-off," stated Anthony Verdugo, Founder and Executive Director, Christian Family Coalition.

The actual election results also bear out these statistics.  For example, in the race for State House District 110, Jose Oliva won by 654 votes, in the final days of the race, robocalls by the CFC went out to 2,600+ pro-life, pro-family voters in the district on behalf of Jose Oliva, if only 35% of those voters cast a ballot, that would be 933 votes and assuming 70% voted for Oliva, which is the rule of thumb among pro-family voters, there is the difference of 653 votes.

In yet another example of the impact of CFC voters, while Mr. Norman Braman asked the community to vote "NO" on all the proposed charter amendments, the Christian Family Coalition's recommendations, including a "YES" vote on question 2, were followed by voters in 4 out of 6 or 2/3 of the charter proposals.