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BREAKING NEWS! Extremist Group Set to Endorse in Miami-Dade Mayor  

Extremist Group Set to Make Controversial Endorsement
in Miami-Dade Mayor's Race!


MIAMI, FL - For the first time ever, homosexualist extremist group "SAVE" Dade is set to publicly endorse a candidate in the upcoming June 28th Miami-Dade mayoral election. The candidate is none other than former Miami-Dade Commissioner Carlos Gimenez. Sources within the homosexualist extremist group inform that the announcement will come "very soon" and fear that it will stir controversy among "SAVE" Dade members and supporters!

Apparently, many "SAVE" Dade partisans would oppose an endorsement of Gimenez because he met with the Christian Family Coalition’s (CFC) Candidate Qualifications Committee; addressed Coalition members at it’s full-house, May 7th Mayoral Candidates Breakfast, and reassured the CFC of his “solid conservative Republican, pro-Family credentials.”

To make matters worse, "SAVE" Dade partisans are now also questioning Gimenez’s integrity after he initially responded on a"SAVE" Dade questionnaire that he did NOT support a so-called “anti-discrimination” ordinance based upon “gender identity or expression” and, then, suddenly changed his answer to “YES.”

“If these reports are accurate, Carlos Gimenez should do the right thing and take the high road by declining the endorsement from this or any other extremist homosexualist group. After all, as mayor, Gimenez must represent all Miami-Dade residents, not just homosexualist extremists,” points out CFC spokesman Peter Hernandez.