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WARNING! If elected, would Carlos Gimenez be able defend and uphold the Florida Constitution?  



If elected, would Carlos Gimenez able defend and uphold the Florida Constitution?

An issue of grave concern to Miami-Dade voters

MIAMI-Today, the Christian Family Coalition, (CFC), Florida's largest human rights and social justice advocacy organization  warned Miami-Dade voters of what will happen IF Carlos Gimenez is elected mayor.

"Voters from all political spectrums, on the right and the left, have contacted us regarding Mr. Gimenez's opposition to the Florida constitution, specifically, Amendment 2, which protects and defines marriage and all of its benefits as the union of one man, one woman", stated Keth Butler, member, Christian Family Coalition Candidates Qualifying Committee.

"Furthermore, a recent, unconstitutional decision by the Third District Court (D.C.A.) of appeals to strike the Florida statute which protects orphaned and abandoned children from homosexual adoption undermines the law and is a clear violation of the separation of powers.  The mayoral candidate has expressed his support of this decision, thus, he is opposed to the people's right to decide the issue of protecting orphaned and abandoned children from homosexual adoption" concluded Butler.

These matters seriously call into question, among Miami-Dade County voters, his ability, if elected, to defend and uphold the Florida constitution.