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Carlos Gimenez: I'll ignore Florida's Constitution and VETO the people's will  


Gimenez Threatens: I'll ignore the Florida Constitution and VETO the people's will

MIAMI, FL -Today, the Christian Family Coalition (CFC), Florida's tireless human rights and social justice advocacy organization, respectfully responded to Miami-Dade mayoral candidate Carlos Gimenez's threat to ignore the Florida Constitution and reject the will of the people.
This Friday's CFC endorsement of mayoral candidate Julio Robaina prompted reporter Jim DeFede to ask Gimenez and Robaina in a debate what they would do if the County Commission voted to eliminate the unconstitutional sexual "domestic" partnership benefits ordinance for county employees.
Julio Robaina answered, in no uncertain terms, that he would approve repeal should County Commissioners vote for it.  
Carlos Gimenez, on the other hand, who voted for the unconstitutional sexual "domestic" partnership benefits ordinance threatened to veto a Commission vote to repeal it: “I will exercise my veto and veto it,” said Gimenez. “I think it’s the right thing to do.”
The Christian Family Coalition respectfully responds:
"NO, Mr. Gimenez, a VETO is the unjust and wrong thing to do and you're smart enough to know it. Brazenly ignoring the people's will as expressed in Florida's Constitution and as manifested through the County Commission is never the right thing. It is an abuse of power. All of which sadly DISQUALIFY you to be Miami-Dade Mayor."

We live in a democracy, Mr. Gimenez, where the majority rules. The people of Florida overwhelmingly approved Amendment 2 which protects and defines civil marriage and all of it benefits as the union of one man, one woman. You 
brazenly opposed this amendment and are now threatening to undermine it.
When County Commissioners responsibly vote to bring Miami-Dade into compliance with Florida's Constitution, Carlos Gimenez does not have the legal or moral authority to kill this vote. Politicians who threaten to act like you have are simply unfit to hold public office. Your threats are ample reasons why Miami-Dade voters will make it a point to vote for Julio Robaina."

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/06/24/2283501/robaina-gimenez-debate-for-the.html#ixzz1QIZZ32zT 

See video of Debate: http://miami.cbslocal.com/2011/06/24/cbs4-hosts-final-mayoral-debate/