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Christian Family Coalition, (CFC), Voters TWICE AS LIKELY TO VOTE in Miami-Dade Mayoral Run-Off Election!  


Christian Family Coalition Voters
TWICE AS LIKELY TO VOTE in Run-Off Elections!


MIAMI, FL - The Christian Family Coalition (CFC), Florida's tireless human rights and social advocacy organization, released today an record-setting, comprehensive report on CFC voter turnout in Miami-Dade County's June 28th Mayoral Run-Off Election.
The eye-opening report matched CFC voter files with Miami-Dade voter rolls to reveal that while overall voter turnout for the June 28th Miami-Dade Mayoral Run-Off election was a mere 16%, Christian Family Coalition voters turned out at a record 29% or nearly twice the average!
The bar charts below compare average Miami-Dade with CFC voter participation & turnout:

Furthermore, overall runoff election voter turnout, as compared to the May 24th mayoral elections, remained a flat 16%. However, CFC runoffvoter turnout actually increased by one percentage point, from the May 24th elections, from 28% to 29%. The report clearly shows that CFC voters are more likely, by a margin of +5%, than the average Miami-Dade County voter, (15% vs 10%) to vote absentee ballot in every election.


The Christian Family Coalition voter is more likely, than the average Miami-Dade County voter, (15% vs. 9.5%) to receive an absentee ballot in their home in every election, by a margin of +5.5%.

And not only are CFC voters more likely than the average voter to receive an absentee ballot every election, they are also much more likely to return the absentee ballot, (79% vs. 70%) by a margin of +9%. Early voting turnout was at parity, 20% among CFC voter and Miami-Dade County voters. Finally, Christian Family Coalition voters are more likely, than the average Miami-Dade County voter, (42% vs. 27%) to vote on the last day of the election, May 24th, by a margin of +15%.

Christian Family Coalition voters were more likely than the average Miami-Dade County voter to cast a ballot during early voting (5.6% vs. 3.2%), by a margin of +2.4%.
"This important report clearly and empirically demonstrates, for the second time in a row, that CFC voters, by a nearly 2-1 margin, are more likely to vote in a local election than the average voter. Recently elected Miami-Dade mayor Carlos Gimenez cannot afford to ignore or antagonize this powerful voting bloc if he intends to genuinely represent Miami-Dade countians," concludes Anthony Verdugo, Christian Family Coalition Founder and Executive Director.