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Show Tolerance and Respect. Let Allen West Speak!  


 Christian Family Coalition: 
Show Tolerance and Respect. Let Allen West Speak!

Wilton Manors Mayor Gary Resnick is right, attacks against Cong. West are "childish"

MIAMI, FL - Today, the Christian Family Coalition (CFC), Florida's tireless human rights and social advocacy organization, called on Michael Rajner, legislative director of the Florida Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Democratic Caucus and others, to show some tolerance and respect by supporting U.S. Congressman and decorated war veteran Allen West's right to speak at the Wilton Manors Business Association (WMBA). 


"How ironic that Michael Rajner, a self-proclaimed advocate of tolerance, who claims to support "equal rights" for all, is bullying and threatening the Wilton Manors Business Association (WMBA) with a boycott, if they allow U.S. Congressman Allen West to speak at their meeting. As a decorated war veteran, Cong. West fought for our right to free speech in Iraq. As a U.S. congressman, Mr. West has a duty to inform his constituents of what is happening in Washington. To most fair-minded Americans, Michael Rajner's childish antics only make him look as if he were an intolerant bigot, a closet racist and a hypocrite," states Nathaniel Wilcox, CFC African-American Coordinator.

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