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SPECIAL ALERT! Anti-American Extremists Cancel Allen West Meeting!  


Anti-American Extremists and Racists Force Cancelation of

Meeting with Cong. Allen West!


<<< This Latest Threat to Democracy in Our Own Backyard Must Be Met. >>> 

MIAMI, FL -The Christian Family Coalition (CFC), Florida's tireless human rights and social advocacy organization, calls on all fair-minded Americans to reject the Wilton Manors Business Association's (WMBA) disrespectful, undemocratic and hate-based cancelation of its previously scheduled August 8th meeting with U.S. Congressman Allen West, the popular, decorated Iraq war veteran.

While homosexual extremists continuously shed crocodile tears for allegedly being "victims" of "discrimination," once they get their foot in the door, they brutally silence all who disagree with them. Their threats, intimidation, and blackmail forced the city of Wilton Manors to bow to their unjust and outrageous demands to disrespectfully snub and censor Cong. West.

These underhanded, undemocratic tactics are no different from those used against citizens by the KKK, Neo-Nazis, Stalinists and like-minded, bigoted, racist, anti-American extremists.

Americans must wake up to these disturbing attacks against their basic rights and freedoms!  Will you give up your country to anti-American extremists? Today, they targeted Cong. Allen West, will you be next?

Cong. West, when in Washington, please remember: The homosexual extremists running the city of Wilton Manors don't deserve any federal taxpayer dollars to operate their corrupt, racist, discriminatory and intolerant municipal administration and hold hostage all the good citizens of Wilton Manors. Intolerant, racist, homosexual extremists have no place in modern American society. Too much American blood has been shed in battlefields across the globe to secure the blessings of freedom and representative government only to have a few anti-American extremists destroy these blessings here at home.