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VICTORY REPORT! - Florida Democratic Leader Apologizes for Hate Crime Against Pro-Life State Rep.  


Florida Democratic Leader Apologizes

for Hate Crime Against Pro-Life State Rep.

<<< He Also Admits House Democrats Did Not “Take a Position”
on the Crime of Abortion this Last Session! >>>
MIAMI, FL - For nearly a decade, the Christian Family Coalition (CFC), Florida's tireless human rights and social justice advocacy organization, has built an extensive grassroots presence in Florida. The CFC tenaciously works with elected officials at all levels for the respect of pro-Life, pro-Family Floridians. Finally, these Floridians are getting the credit they deserve!
In an unprecedented move, the Florida House’s Democratic leader issued an amply-deserved public apology for the hate crime committed by a notoriously extremist Democratic Party legislator against a freshman pro-Life, pro-Family Democratic colleague. Democratic Minority Whip Ron Saunders apologized in writing to CFC-backed, pro-Life, pro-Family Rep. Daphne Campbell (D-North Miami) for the vicious attack she suffered on the Florida House floor at the hands of Scott Randolph, a rabidly anti-Life, anti-Family legislator from the Orlando area.
Daphne had just voted for a pro-Life bill when Rep. Randolph orally and physically assaulted her on the House floor during the 2011 Statewide Legislative Session. “I was attacked for justly defending the equal right to Life of unborn Floridians,” states Rep. Campbell.
"The Christian Family Coalition (CFC) was proud to be 'on the ground' in Tallahassee during and after the commission of this hate crime against Rep. Campbell. We, along with key CFC allies and lobbyists, helped secure this unprecedented apology from the House Democratic leader," informed CFC Founder and Executive Director Anthony Verdugo. "It is high time liberal extremists understand that they are not above the law. They really do need to practice the tolerance they waste so much of their time preaching."
Furthermore, Saunders’ apology letter reveals that the Democratic Party leadership in Florida House has finally come to its senses and has thrown the Cult of Death, crime of abortion agenda under the proverbial bus where it belongs. “The abortion issue is deeply personal and emotional. The Florida House Democratic Caucus did not take a position on any abortion bills and all members, including Representative Campbell, were free to vote any way that they wished on those bills,” admits the Democratic Minority leader in his apology to Rep. Campbell.
Click here to read entire Democratic Leader’s Apology: