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2011 Citizen Lobbyist Institute (CLI) a smashing success!  


 2011 Citizen Lobbyist Institute (CLI) a smashing success!

MIAMI-On Saturday, August 20th, the Christian Family Coalition, Florida's tireless human rights and social justice advocacy organization, hosted the 2011 Citizen Lobbyist Institute.  Approximately fifty (50) participants took part in this historic event to teach people of faith on how to effectively lobby their County Commissioners.

Without a doubt, the enthusiastic participation of these citizens is vital to Miami-Dade’s need for well-prepared, committed Equality Advocates who are ready, willing and able to build strong, effective, collaborative relationships with their county commissioners and other elected officials. 

Let us not forget that demanding and securing respect for our Christian moral values, ethical principles and civic ideals is NOT a one day affair. It is a lifelong commitment, a sustained effort, a continuous process indispensably linked to sustaining safer, healthier, happier, more prosperous communities.

At the end of the day, there truly is no substitute for direct, personal, citizen involvement in civic life and oversight of our elected officials. To this end, we hope your participation in the 2011 Edition of the Citizen Lobbyist Institute helped you to not only envision a better future for Miami-Dade, but also to make sure our county commissioners are held accountable to help us achieve this vision.

The Christian Family Coalition, (CFC), would like to thank our speakers Mr. James Dundorf and Dr. Eladio Jose Armesto, for participating in the 2011 Edition of the Citizen Lobbyist Institute and helping to make it a great success.