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2011 Statewide Legislative Scorecard  

New 2011 CFC Score Card!

Dear Friends,

The Christian community has made unprecedented progress in the Florida state legislature over the years; we have a pro-life, pro-family majority in both the State House and State Senate.  For the first time, the Florida state legislature passed all four (4) Christian Family Coalition (CFC) bills on our 2011 Pro-Family Agenda.

In just our first attempt, Florida became the fifth state and only the third this year, 2011, following Idaho and Montana, to pass a resolution calling on the U.S. Congress to propose to the states for ratification the Parental Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. 
Christian Family Coalition (CFC) played a direct role on this resolution as we recruited both the House and Senate sponsors.

Since the passage of the federal healthcare plan in 2010, six states have passed legislation prohibiting taxpayer funding of abortion.  Florida will soon become the seventh, as the state legislature sent a proposed resolution (statewide constitutional amendment) to voters for approval on Tuesday, November 6th, 2012, during the U.S. Presidential elections which will prohibit taxpayer funding of abortion.
Christian Family Coalition (CFC) conducted intense lobbying efforts on this resolution during our "2011 Day At the Capitol" in Tallahassee, when over one-hundred (100) citizen lobbyists visited their senators and representatives. 

During the 2010 statewide legislative session, the Christian Family Coalition (CFC) lobbied and built grassroots support for strengthening Florida's parental notification bill, recruiting nearly two-dozen co-sponsors in the State House and Senate.  Although the bill died in committee last year, this year the bill was approved by a bipartisan majority in both the house and senate.  
Christian Family Coalition (CFC) is proud of our intense lobbying efforts on this bill in both 2010 and 2011 which built momentum and helped pave the way for passage this year.  
Finally, late last year the Christian Family Coalition (CFC) raised very strong and public objections to the tactics used by the senate sponsor of the parental notification bill which caused the bill to die in committee.  However, as a result of these objections, the ultrasound bill was introduced late in the session, (by the same senator sponsor who allowed the parental notification bill to die in committee), as an amendment to the healthcare bill.  Although the ultrasound amendment was vetoed by former Florida Governor Charlie Crist, it gained the traction it needed to become a top priority for the 2011 Florida Statewide Legislative Session.  As a result, the ultrasound bill was passed this year, again with overwhelming bipartisan support.
Christian Family Coalition (CFC) is proud of the role it played in building momentum for the ultrasound bill to finally be adopted this year.

The progress made in the 2011 Florida Statewide Legislature provides critical building blocks as we keep educating members of state legislature on fair-minded, common-sense, pro-family bills.

These accomplishments would not have been possible without the strong support of the House and Senate leadership as well as key sponsors who worked tirelessly to push for the strongest possible legislation and to educate other members of state legislature. They are: Representatives, Marti Coley,  Dennis Baxley, Liz Porter and Kelli Stargel and Senators, Anitere Flores, Alan Hays, and Kelli Stargel. Without their persistent efforts, we could not have achieved so much.

The future looks bright. Working together, using tools like this scorecard, we can build the support needed to advance our broad and diverse agenda.


Anthony Verdugo

Founder and Executive Director, Christian Family Coalition (CFC)

New 2011 CFC Score Card!