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Click Here to Donate to Help The Unborn!

 Last Tuesday night, the Department of Health and Human Servicesdecided to ignore the will of the people and award more than $1 million in federal funds – our tax dollars – to Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in New Hampshire, Florida is NEXT! 

Once again, Department of Health and Human Services has shown they will support Planned Parenthood, above all else—even if that means thwarting the will of the people.

The evidence is too strong to ignore. And with your help, we’ll get the word out to pro-life voters across the nation as we seek to save unborn children! 

We must use this opportunity to get the word out: The radical abortion lobby must be defeated!

Click Here to Donate to Help The Unborn!

We cannot let this continue, which is why I need you to help the CFC launch an immediate campaign to expose Planned Parenthood's radical pro-abortion agenda to voters.

Now we’ve got to turn up the heat. 

Chip in whatever you can afford today -- $25, $35, or even $100 -- to help us get the word out: Planned Parenthood are a pro-abortion extremist group that is arrogantly defying the will of the states so as to keep the taxpayers in the abortion industry.

We're currently putting together an aggressive online paid media campaign to educate voters in key states critical to pro-life victory in 2012. Your donation will determine how many voters we can reach.

Thank you in advance for your quick response and generosity. My team and I will continue to keep you updated.


Click Here to Donate to Help The Unborn!

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