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BREAKING NEWS! Hateful Sun Sentinel column offends...  


Sun Sentinel Columnist Offends Floridians Who Voted to Respect Marriage;
Proves Christian Family Coalition Right: 

DOMA Repealers Foster Hate, Inequality, and Unjust Discrimination!

MIAMI, FL - On Sunday, October 16th, 2011, Sun-Sentinel columnist, Gary Stein, wrote an inordinately vicious, hate-filled article offending the 4,890,883 or 62% of Floridians that voted "Yes" to protect and respect the institution of Marriage in Florida as it has existed from day one: i.e., as the union of one man, one woman.
Mr. Stein's disrespectful column confirms what fair-minded and mainstream Americans know all too well: insults, slurs, and disparaging names are the ONLY “arguments” of those that have no arguments. Sadly, Mr. Stein's article spews enough hate and vile to shock even the most battle scarred among us.

The article, however, is not completely without redeeming value. It does prove that the Christian Family Coalition's (CFC) educational labor of love advocating respect for the institution of Marriage and the Family is correct on two vital points:
First, CFC is correct in alerting Floridians that DOMA repealers foster hate, inequality, and unjust discrimination!

Second, South Florida Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen tragically betrays her constituents by joining extremists pounding against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), resoundingly approved by the U.S. Congress and signed into law by none other than liberal President Bill Clinton in 1996.
The real issue, however, is not the fact that Mr. Stein engages in hate speech and unjust discrimination, both illegal in Florida, but rather his apparent inability to grasp even the most basic notions about the institution of Marriage.

His article exposes a disrespectful contempt harbored 
against America's families, children and values by of so many aberrosexualists, (homosexualists) who as we know do not represent the vast majority of respectful homosexual men and women. 

Although Mr. Stein repeats the 
disingenuous line trotted out by haters that DOMA's repeal is somehow a matter of "fairness" and "equality," a quick look at the basic facts reveals that the opposite is true: DOMA's repeal is simply political cover for unjust discrimination against the American people and the family values of Western Civilization!
1) DOMA defines civil Marriage, for federal purposes only, as the union of one man, one woman.
2) DOMA permits states to decide for themselves, whether or not to recognize homosexual "so-called" marriage. Thus far, forty-four states now protect Marriage as the union of one man, one woman. Furthermore, in every single state, including Florida, where respect for the institution of Marriage has been on the ballot --thirty-one so far-- all have affirmed its unique definition as the union of a man and a woman.

Think about it.
What is "fair and "equal" about violating the right of voters in all 50 states, including Florida, to respect and uphold the institution of Marriage? Nothing! It's unjust discrimination!
What is "fair and "equal"  about forcing taxpayers, consumers, and businesses to approve and subsidize homosexual conduct universally considered biologically unnatural, philosophically unethical, medically unhealthy, unhygienic, and antisocial? Nothing! It's unjust discrimination!

What is "fair" and "equal" about forcing our schools to teach children of all ages that homosexual conduct is as "healthy," "natural," and "hygienic" as heterosexuality (orthosexuality) or biologically correct sexual behavior? 
Nothing! It's unjust discrimination!
What is "fair" and "equal" about violating the people's right to democratically defend and uphold the institution of Marriage according to their informed conscience, ethical principles or religious convictions? 
Nothing! It's unjust discrimination!
What is "fair" and "equal" about forcing marriage clerks to violate their
 informed conscience, ethical principles or religious convictions by issuing homosexual so-called "marriage" licenses to two men or two women? Nothing! It's unjust discrimination!
Really, Mr. Stein, an apology to all the Floridians you have disrespected is in order. 
It's the least you can do to show some civility.

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