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Donate today and double the impact of your support for the values that are vitally important to you and your family!


A generous friend of the Christian Family Coalition, (CFC), has offered to match every dollar given to our 2011 Year-End Fund Drive, up to $10,000. That means every dollar you give will be doubled by the Matching Grant!

This is good news because CFC only needs to raise $10,000 between now and December 31 to end the year on budget, ready for the challenges of 2012.  

Christian Family Coalition, (CFC), is leading the way for Christians and conservatives, by mounting a determined and articulate defense of our values at every turn.   

To be prepared to meet the challenges of 2012-perhaps the most important political year in America's history-we need your gift now to our 2011 Year-End Fund Drive. 

Throughout 2011, Christian Family Coalition, (CFC), effectively advanced and defended our values-the values that make our freedom possible.


On issue after issue, together we:  

1. Christian Family Coalition, (CFC), successfully lobbies and speaks out in support of faith-based advisory committee, unanimously approved by city of Doral!  

2. Christian Family Coalition, (CFC), hosts largest-ever, "Day at the Capitol", with nearly one-hundred (100) citizen lobbyists from all across Florida!  

3. 2011 Florida legislature passes ALL Christian Family Coalition, (CFC), agenda items, starting with Parental Rights Resolution!  

4. Florida legislature adopts stronger CFC-backed parental notice before abortion bill! 

5. Ultrasound bill finally passes with the support of the Christian Family Coalition, (CFC).  

6. Florida legislature sends CFC-backed resolution proposing statewide constitutional amendment prohibiting taxpayer funding of abortion, to voters for statewide referendum during 2012 U.S. Presidential elections.  

7. The extraordinary impact of the Christian Family Coalition, (CFC), during mayoral elections; CFC voters twice as likely to vote vs. average Miami-Dade voter! 

8. After political pressure from the CFC, State House Democratic Minority Leaders apologizes for attack on fellow pro-life Democrat!  

9. After meeting with Christian Family Coalition, (CFC), Mayoral Candidate Declines Meeting with Hate Group and Endorses Repeal of Sexual Partner Ordinance!  

10. Christian Family Coalition, (CFC), trains ninety-five (95) new citizen lobbyists in Florida!  

11.  Christian Family Coalition, (CFC), defeats the ACLU!  City of Plantation follows CFC legal advice, maintains nativity scene and menorah in public parks 

12.  NO APOLOGY to homosexual extremists!  CFC successfully defends Diana Cardenas public statements on marriage as one man, one woman. 

13. CFC field monitor reports homosexualist extremists for accosting citizens and soliciting money on a public library's grounds. Homosexualist extremists were made to leave! 

14. CFC successfully lobbies of nine (9) of thirteen (13) Miami-Dade County Commissioners to support the "2011 Invocation Restoration Ordinance" proposed by the Christian Family Coalition to restore the opening prayer before each and every County Commission meeting. 

15. Christian Family Coalition, (CFC), the only pro-family organization to receive a special commendation from Florida Governor Rick Scott. 

We Will Not Give an Inch!  

We know all these battles will continue to rage in 2012, and we're not about to give an inch. We must have your 2011 Year-End Fund Drive support to continue our work to protect your beliefs and your rights at every turn.  

Please give your most generous year-end contribution today to help Christian Family Coalition, (CFC), raise the $10,000 we must have to fully meet our budgetary goals for 2011, and fight effectively now and into 2012.  

And, thanks to the generous $10,000 matching grant, your gift will be doubled and go twice as far inhelping us meet our2011 Year-End Fund Drive goal

Please don't delay...prayerfully make your tax-deductible gift before December 31st to help CFC meet our budget goal and take full advantage of this special matching opportunity. You can give online through our secure server now.