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ALERT! Christian Family Coalition (CFC) hosts largest ever Day At the Capitol Event in Tallahassee!  


Christian Family Coalition (CFC) hosts

largest ever Day At the Capitol Event in Tallahassee!


One-hundred and twenty (120) citizen lobbyists travel to the state capitol to meet with their elected officials!


MIAMI-The Christian Family Coalition, (CFC), Florida's premier human rights and social justice organization, traveled to Tallahassee on Wednesday, January 25th and Thursday, January 26th, with 120 citizen lobbyists from all across the state of Florida to meet with their elected officials during the Christian Family Coalition's 4th Annual Day At the Capitol event.
Upon arrival, citizen lobbyists checked in and had dinner together, followed by a powerful prayer and praise worship service on the steps of the State Capitol.  
Thursday turned out to be an eventful day.  The day started with the 2012 Florida Leadership Prayer Breakfast hosted exclusively by the Christian Family Coalition, (CFC), at the University Center Club on the campus of Florida State University (FSU).  Speakers included: Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos, Florida Speaker of the House Dean Cannon and 
U.S. Presidential Candidate, Rick Santorum who spoke to a packed ballroom on the importance of upholding family, faith and freedom in government!
After the breakfast, our citizen lobbyists were immediately dispatched to lobby their own state senators and state representatives on Christian Family Coalition, (CFC) 2012 legislative priorities: Restoration of Religious Equality (Freedom to Pray) Bill, Protection of Women and Children (Abortion) Bill, and a Resolution Supporting the State of Israel.


Starting at 9:00 a.m. and finishing at 2:00 p.m., Christian Family Coalition, (CFC), citizen lobby teams met with a total of thirty-eight (38) elected officials, eleven (11) state senators and twenty-seven (27) state representatives!  This year was our largest and most successful Day At the Capitol ever, we recorded a total of sixty two (62) instances of support from Florida legislators on all of our legislative priorities combined!  Here is the breakdown: 


1.  Restoration of Religious Equality (Freedom to Pray):  A total of twenty-three (23) new legislators signed on to the bill!

Ten (10) new co-sponsors, and thirteen (13) new supporters, furthermore, among the ten (10) new co-sponsors, there were five (5) Democrats and five (5) Republicans! 



2.  Protection of Women and Children (Pro-Life): A total of sixteen (17) new legislators signed on to the life bill!

Seven (7) new co-sponsors, and ten (10) new supporters!



3.  Resolution in Support of Israel:  A total of twenty-two (22) new legislators signed on to the resolution in support of Israel!

Nine (9) new co-sponsors, and thirteen (13) new supporters, furthermore, among all the new co-sponsors and legislators, there were nine (9) Republicans and thirteen (13) Democrats!  


The Christian Family Coalition, (CFC), would like to thank everyone who attended this year's 2012 Day At the Capitol event, but  especially, the following members of the South Florida Restoration Committee: Rev. Abraham & Marilyn Rivera (who took an entire bus 50 people!), Rev. Christian Garcia, Rev. Ricardo & Diana Jalube, Rev. Gaston Smith, Rev. Keith Butler and from Broward County, Rev. Ed Brinson, Rev. Bob di Scipio, Rev. Dawn McCann and Rev. Mario Bramnick (who took half a bus, 25 people!).


Finally, a special thank you to Debbie Philips from Suwanee County who recruited nine (9) citizen lobbyists in twelve (12) days.


This historic event in our state would not have been possible without the support of these folks!