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BREAKING! Christian Family Coalition (CFC) Responds to Anti-Christian Columnists in Florida Newspapers!  
Christian Family Coalition Forced to Respond to Hateful Florida Newspaper Columnists!

Christian Family Coalition Forced to Respond to Hateful Florida Newspaper Columnists 






MIAMI, FL - On Tuesday, February 7th, Palm Beach Post staff writer Frank Cerabino and Tampa Bay Times columnist John Romano wrote hate-filled pieces attacking Florida legislators for supporting SB-98, the Religious Equality (Freedom to Pray) bill championed by the Christian Family Coalition (CFC). 

The assortment of disparaging and disrespectful accusations recklessly leveled against Christian citizens and legislators by these two individuals forced CFC to say “Enough!” Cerabino disrespectfully mocks the Christian fish symbol; comparing it with something he calls the "Flying Spaghetti Monster". He then ridicules lawmakers as being a "crop of holy legislators" and he belittles the serious danger of violence against Florida school children wishing to exercise their right to pray.

Simultaneously, Romano ludicrously claims legislators supporting the Religious Equality bill are somehow "pandering" and calls religious equality supporters "bullies" for believing ALL children should have their freedom to pray protected. Finally, Romano ends his bigoted rant by attempting to bully students into keeping their religious convictions and faith in the proverbial closet and out of sight at school. 

Sound eerily familiar? 

The hateful, disrespectful attacks these columnists wrote inflict emotional distress and psychological harm to Florida school children, educators, and parents. They fuel intolerance, discrimination and hate against everyone wishing to openly exercise their religious convictions and faith in our schools. Ultimately, Cerabino’s and Romano’s bigoted rhetoric undermines civil rights and makes Florida students less safe at school.

Palm Beach Post and Tampa Bay Times readers subjected to these bigots’ defamatory attacks can now read CFC’s common-sense, fair-minded response. Both, the attacks and CFC’s response serve to confirm that Florida legislators need to immediately pass SB-98, the Religious Equality (Freedom to Pray) bill, to protect our school children’s rights and keep them out of harm's way.

Read CFC's “Letters to the Editor” published in the Palm Beach Post and the Tampa Bay Times here: