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BREAKING! Christian Family Coalition (CFC) bills to be voted on in the full House TODAY!  



Christian Family Coalition (CFC) bills to be voted on in the full House TODAY!


MIAMI-Today, the Christian Family Coalition (CFC), Florida's premier human rights and social justice organization announced that all three (3) bills that make up its 2012 legislative priorities will be voted on in the full House of Representatives TODAY!  

All three pieces of legislation have been placed on Special Order Calendar for Wednesday, February 29th:


CS/SB 98 - Senate Sponsor Gary Siplin (D)/House Sponsor Charles Van Zant (R) - Religious Equality (Freedom to Pray) bill allowing students to share an inspirational message, which may or may not include prayer, during school assemblies.  The CFC successfully lobbied and built support for this proposal during its 2012 Day at the Capitol, as a direct result of our efforts we identified twenty-three (23) supporters, among them ten (10) became co-sponsors!


CS/HB 277 - Senate Sponsor Anitere Flores (R)/House Sponsor Rachel Burgin (R) - Women's rights bill allows all women in Florida a 24-hour waiting period before deciding whether or not to get an abortion and furthermore, will extend full legal protection to unborn children who survive an attempted abortion.  The CFC successfully identified seventeen (17) supporters for this bill during its 2012 Day at the Capitol.


SR 1396/HR 1447 - Senate Sponsor Alan Hays (R)/House Sponsor Scott Plakon (R) - A resolution Commending the nation of Israel for its cordial and mutually beneficial relationship with the United States and with the State of Florida, etc. The CFC identified twenty-two (22) supporters for this historic resolution, among them thirteen (13) co-sponsors during its 2012 Day at the Capitol.

"We commend all the state senators and representatives who courageously filed and fought for these common-sense bills and resolutions during the 2012 Florida statewide legislative session. The Christian Family Coalition (CFC) is proud to stand behind these wonderful proposals and will continue to fight for them until they are fully adopted in the state of Florida".