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ALERT! CFC calls for swift action against Miami Marlins Manager for hateful remarks  


Mr. David P. Samson
Miami Marlins
501 Marlins Way 
Miami, FL 33125


RE: Your Employee Ozzie Guillén

Dear Mr. Samson:

As the Founder and Executive Director of the Christian Family Coalition (CFC), Florida's premier human rights and social justice advocacy organization, I write to you today on behalf of our thousands of supporters throughout the state. Our organization believes strongly in freedom of speech, as protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which forbids the government's abridgement of this freedom.
However, the Miami Marlins is a private entity, and while your employee Mr. Ozzie Guillén is entitled to his own opinions, as inaccurate as they may be, as a Marlins employee he should not subject the Miami Marlins to public embarrassment, scorn and/or condemnation. His offensive and indefensible comment admiring Fidel Castro is so outlandish that it constitutes a kind of letter of resignation the Marlins are duty-bound to accept. Yes, America is a free country, and Mr. Guillén can say whatever he wants, wherever he wants, but not while in the employ of the Miami Marlins.

Fidel Castro is a ruthless dictator. There is absolutely nothing to love or admire about him or his totalitarian regime. Castro is human rights violator of the worse kind who has kept millions of people enslaved for half a century and has killed thousands of dissenters. This kind of tyrannical behavior cannot be condoned, ignored or minimized by a top Marlins' employee such as Mr. Guillén 

To many in this community, which includes almost a million Cuban-American exiles, it is disturbing enough that the Miami Marlins has received millions in tax dollars to fund the construction of the new stadium. Were it not for us, the Marlins most likely would not be here. Therefore, you must now take a stronger position than you have on this matter and proceed to permanently separate Mr. Guillén from the Marlins organization.

The CFC expects Mr. Guillén's resignation or, in the alternative, his immediate firing for the shame and embarrassment he has brought on the Marlins organization. If necessary, we welcome the opportunity to meet personally with you,
 to discuss our community’s concerns about Mr. Guillén’s comment and help you better understand the pain and anguish this comment has caused.

Anthony Verdugo
Founder and Executive Director

Christian Family Coalition (CFC)