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COMING SOON TO FLORIDA! CFC will announce statewide campaign to combat discrimination against people of faith!  


Christian Family Coalition to launch statewide campaign
to combat discrimination against people of faith!
MIAMI, FL - The Christian Family Coalition (CFC), Florida's premier human rights and social justice organization fighting for your rights, will soon launch a statewide campaign to combat the ugly scourge of discrimination against people of faith.
During the 2012 legislative session, CFC made the religious equality (freedom to pray) bill, a top legislative priority. The bill protects the right of students to initiate and deliver an inspirational message, which may or may not include a prayer, before a school assembly. Although this bill had been filed for the last nine years, it had never passed.
As part of our efforts to build support for this important legislation, we lobbied and secured the support of twenty-three (23) legislators, ten (10) agreed to co-sponsor and thirteen (13) voted "yes". Thanks to CFC's intensive planning and hard work, the bill passed the state legislature with broad, bipartisan support and was subsequentely signed by Governor Rick Scott. 
However, while we were busy successfully educating our elected officials in Tallahassee on the need for this bill, we, ourselves were getting an "education" in hate, bigotry, and intolerance from extremists throughout the state.  At least three Florida newspaper columnists: Palm Beach Post's Frank Cerabino, Tampa Bay Times' John Romano, and The Miami Herald's Myriam Marquez, wrote disparaging "hit pieces" calling us everything from "bullies" to an "uninspiring bunch."
Ironically, all forms of speech — academic, political, social, sexual — are welcomed in Florida schools and no one complains because it’s considered free speech. But when the speech is deemed "religious," it’s somehow considered acceptable by some to mock, ridicule and even censor it? That’s downright discrimination.
While it's disheartening to be mocked and called names by supposed "adults", these hate-filled attacks inspire us to fight even harder to combat discrimination against people of faith. As a result, CFC will launch in the near future a statewide campaign to end discrimination and restore basic fairness, equality, tolerance and respect for children and adults of all faiths. No one should face discrimination because of what they believe.