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CFC announces endorsements of 2012 Miami-Dade judicial candidates!  


CFC announces endorsements of 2012 Miami-Dade judicial candidates!


MIAMI-The Christian Family Coalition (CFC), Florida's premier human rights and social justice organization, announced today its endorsements of the 2012 Miami-Dade Judicial Candidates.  The Christian Family Coalition Judicial Qualifications Committee (CFC-JQC), recently interviewed twenty-one of the twenty-five circuit and county court judicial candidates for the upcoming August 14th elections.

All candidates were invited to appear before the CFC Judicial Qualifications Committee. The Committee considered whether candidates possess the integrity, intellect, experience and temperament required to sit on the bench.  
Candidates considered “Highly Qualified” possess all of the characteristics required for a recommendation and in addition, demonstrated a deep commitment to fostering public confidence in the integrity of the judicial process.
Candidates were rated based on a written application and an interview with the Judicial Qualifications Committee.  Candidates who refused to complete the written application or who did not appear after an invitation are not considered for recommendation.  

The following candidates have been endorsed by the Christian Family Coalition:

Patricia Marino-Pedraza

County Judge

Group 1.

Diana Gonzalez

Candidate, County Judge 

Group 10 

Andrea R. Wolfson

County Judge 

Group 24

Enrique 'Rick" Yabor

Candidate, County Judge 

Group 28

John 'Johnny' Rodriguez

Candidate, County Judge 

Group 33

Lourdes Cambó

Candidate, County Judge 

Group 40

Maria Elena Verde

Candidate, Circuit Judge

Group 16

Victor de Yurre

Candidate, Circuit Judge

Group 49