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Christian Family Coalition Urges All U.S. Senators to just say "NO" to Abortion Funding!!!  
We will Name Names of U.S. Senators who FORCE taxpayers to pay for Abortions!!!

The Christian Family Coalition announced its U.S. Senate Life Watch campaign promising to OUT every U.S. Senator who votes to FORCE taxpayers to foot the bill for abortion-on-demand in the proposed "health-care" proposal. 
"The bottom line is, abortion IS NOT HEALTH CARE, and each and every U.S. Senator who votes FOR abortion funding will be exposed," stated Anthony Verdugo, Founder and Executive Director, Christian Family Coalition.  "The vast majority of Americans are opposed to taxpayer funding of abortion and U.S. Senators MUST respect the wishes of the American people," concluded Verdugo.
Although President Obama, Senate Majority Leader Reid, and Speaker of the House Pelosi have repeatedly stated that abortion will not be included in the health care legislation currently being considered in Congress, in both the House and Senate, several important pro-life amendments that would have prevented the federal funding and coverage of abortion as well as protected the conscience rights of health care providers who refuse to participate in abortion were defeated.  
Christian Family Coalition will keep you updated throughout the month of December on the most recent developments regarding the healthcare debate overall, and the abortion language in particular.

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