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SHOCKING! Pro-Life, Pro-Family DEMOCRAT...  


Pro-Life, Pro-Family DEMOCRAT Wins Re-Election

with Christian Family Coalition Support

MIAMI, FL -Today, the Christian Family Coalition (CFC), Florida's premier human rights and social justice advocacy organization, congratulates State Rep. Daphne Campbell (D-Miami) for her overwhelming Election Day victory returning her to the Florida State House of Representatives in Tallahassee. 
Rep. Campbell was opposed by anti-Christian, anti-Women's Rights extremist backed by an aberrosexualist (homosexualist), hate group operating somewhere in the Miami-Dade County area.  
Rep. Campbell was forced to buck extremists in her own party to fight for TRUE Women's Rights issues such as the pro-Life Ultrasound bill, allowing women to make a truly informed decision when considering an abortion be committed on her. 

During the floor debate on the issue of protecting innocent human life, an extremist Democrat became so unhinged that he committed a hate crime against Rep. Campbell on the House floor.  While he never apologized for his sexist and hate-filled attack, the Democratic House Minority Leader, Rep. Ron Saunders, had to issue a rare public apology at the behest of Rep. Campbell and the Christian Family Coalition (CFC).  
Furthermore, last year she also championed the Religious Equality (freedom to pray) bill allowing Florida schoolchildren to initiate and lead an inspirational message, which may or may not include a prayer during schoolwide assemblies and rallies.  
CFC directors and members proudly stood by Rep. Campbell since her first election in 2010, her re-election in 2012, and will continue to stand by this courageous defender of Life, Marriage, and the Family.