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Happy Thanksgiving from the Christian Family Coalition!  


This Thanksgiving, we are given another opportunity to examine our hearts and ask ourselves what we are truly thankful for. As American Christians, we can surely thank God for our abundant harvest. Despite difficult economic times that have dragged on for years, America's farmers, by God's grace and their own untiring labors, have continued to bring forth the bounty of the earth. For this we should be profoundly grateful.

Simply to gather around a holiday meal and not have to hide, not have to close the shutters, is a blessing. For millions of our fellow Christians, this is not possible. Around the world, in North Korea, China, and especially in the Bloody Crescent, too often the breaking of bread is accompanied by the breaking of heads. We at Christian Family Coalition (CFC) will pause in our celebrations to pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters in other lands.

While Christians are not yet meeting in catacombs in America, this home of freedom, there is growing intolerance for the public profession of our faith. CFC has raised the banner of freedom and we are doing something about it.  This year alone, we helped pass a school prayer bill in Tallahassee, while also securing a public acknowledgement of our free speech rights from the Miami-Dade Public School System, (the fourth largest school district in the nation) and restoring the legislative invocation (opening prayer) at all Miami-Dade County Commission and committee meetings. 

Remember, it was from resistance to this idea--that the government can dictate to the consciences of the people--that America was born. The Pilgrims' Thanksgiving feast of 1621 would never have happened had they stayed at home in England and bowed their necks to the king's yoke.

This Thanksgiving is a good time to pray for the freedom to worship, to be sure. But we will press for more. We will assert our rights as citizens of this Great Republic. We will insist upon the right to witness for Christ in the public square, knowing we must obey God rather than men.

Thanksgiving is thus for us as American as the Fourth of July, as American as apple pie. And it is a special day for Christians to remember whom we thank for the blessings of liberty.