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SEE SHOCKING VIDEO: Human rights leaders call on Commissioner Dennis Moss to apologize for defamatory statements...  




 Human rights leaders call on Commissioner Dennis Moss to apologize

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MIAMI-Yesterday, the Christian Family Coalition (CFC), Florida’s premiere human rights and social justice organization joined human rights leaders at a press conference held County Hall, calling on Commissioner Dennis Moss to, do the right thing, and apologize for defamatory and incendiary statements he made two weeks ago when the CFC won its 18-month fight to return prayer to Miami-Dade government.

Moss, one of three commissioners to vote against the restoration of the legislative invocation (opening prayer), publicly defamed the CFC, calling it a “racist” and “anti-immigrant” organization amongst other false charges.

On Tuesday, about two dozen well-respected human rights leaders demanded an apology from Moss before making their way to the chamber.

“Moss singled out [CFC Executive Director Anthony] Verdugo and the CFC as a racist group,” said the Rev. Nathaniel Wilcox. “Those statements were hateful, hurtful, bigoted and intolerant. They were one-sided, slanderous attacks unbecoming of a fellow Christian.”

“Commissioner Moss continues to divide and tear down this community and his own constituents, through his defamatory and slanderous statements from the dais, we call on him to publicly retract his statements and apologize”, concluded Anthony Verdugo, Founder and Executive Director, Christian Family coalition (CFC).

Click HERE to see shocking video