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Another victory for..  


Another victory marriage in Florida!

The votes just aren’t there!

CFC, PULSE, Democratic League push back and succeed!

MIAMI-For the second time in a row, the Committee on Children, Families, and Elder Affairs did not hear the so-called, “Domestic Partnership” bill. On Monday night, the Christian Family Coalition (CFC), People United Leading the Struggle for Equality (PULSE), and the Florida Democratic League (FDL) made an “emergency run” to Tallahassee to testify against the bill.

“When we realized the bill was rescheduled for yet another vote, we had to spring into action and began an intense lobbying effort of the committee members. We are holding the line and pushing back, we will win this battle”, stated Anthony Verdugo, Founder and Executive Director, Christian Family Coalition (CFC).

Every alleged benefit of this legislation can be accomplished through private contract or authorization forms. In all cases Health Care Surrogate, Power of Attorney and other lawful designations of authority by one person to another must be performed on a separate private agreement form. This negates the need for this legislation.

Homosexual activists are essentially using the Families First ie Domestic Partnership bill SB 196 to legalize same sex marriage in Florida. SB 196 does nothing but add government bureaucracy while advancing legal recognition of same sex relationships. Heterosexual couples are not demanding this legislation. They can marry if they want their relationship legally recognized. SB 196 is being pushed by homosexual activists who demand that the State of Florida legally recognize same-sex relationships.