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CAUGHT! Homosexualist "leader"....  


Homosexualist "leader" loses credibility
trying to cover up hate and discrimination! 
<<< His "Official Statement" undermines his credibility >>>

MIAMI, FL - The "head" of local homosexualist group "SAVE Dade", exposed his brazen bigotry and intolerance of Christians by trying to cover up hate and discrimination against the residents of Miami-Dade County, alerts today the Christian Family Coalition, Florida's premiere human rights and social justice organization.

C.J. Ortuno, who bills himself as being "anti-discrimination," issued an "official statement" released on the March 6th, 2013 Miami Herald blog calling County Com. Dennis Moss "a leader who wants to ensure every Miami-Dade resident is treated with the same rights and respect." Does C.J. really believe that? Why is he covering up the facts? The facts speak quite differently.

On Tuesday, December 4th, as CFC successfully got the Miami-Dade County Commssion to restore legislative invocations, or prayers, at all County Commission meetings, Moss lost all control and defamed his own community along with CFC members and supporters by disrespectfully calling prayer ordinance supporters "racist, anti-immigrant and h---phobic", whatever that last slur means.

For the Record, CFC States:

"Homosexualist "leader" C.J. Ortuno sadly lost all credibility by brazenly trying to cover up for Com. Moss' blatant act of hate, defamation, and discrimination at last December 4th's Commission meeting. It is deeply troubling and offensive that Mr. Ortuno would deliberately ignore the facts and dishonestly attempted to justify the unjustifiable.

Given the opportunity to do the right thing, Mr. Ortuno turned his back on his own community and betrayed the very values of equality and respect he so angrily demands for himself. Certainly, he does not speak for most of the members and supporters of the group he leads, who may not agree with CFC, but that certainly do not condone disrespect, defamation, or discrimination of any kind, against anyone."

<<< SAVE Dade Official Statement:

SAVE Dade expresses deep concern over the recent actions taken at the Miami-Dade Commission meeting by the Christian Family Coalition. It is truly unfortunate and highly offensive that Mr. Verdugo continues to target Commissioner Moss for his leadership on ensuring every Miami-Dade resident is treated with the same rights and respect. We also commend Chairwoman Rebecca Sosa for her efforts to maintain decorum and ensure that respect is shown by all when addressing the Commission. We look forward to the work ahead as SAVE Dade continues the fight to safeguard the values and rights of every resident of Miami-Dade County.>>>