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Thank these elected officials for acknowledging

National Day of Prayer at City Hall!


MIAMI-Today, the Christian Family Coalition, Florida’s premiere human rights and social justice organization, announced a major email campaign thanking the city of North Miami council members who voted “YES” on a proposal to allow free use of city space, equipment and staff to host a National Day of Prayer event to be hosted by CFC-affiliated pastor Jack Hakimian.


The city typically allows free use of the same resources for other churches and nonprofit groups, however, these brave council members are already under attack by homosexual extremists and bigots who want to cancel the National Day of Prayer!

Please contact the following City of North Miami Council Members and thank them: 

"My family and I thank you for allowing equal access to Mission Miami and the local pastors to use city owned space, equipment and staff just as you do for other churches and nonprofit groups. The National Day of Prayer has been officially recognized by the United States Congress and every U.S. President since 1952, although it has historical origins to a mandate by George Washington, the first president of the United States.


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