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MIAMI-Today, the Christian Family Coalition (CFC), Florida's premiere human rights and social justice organization announced a huge victory for the National Day of Prayer (NDOP) in the city of North of Miami!



On Tuesday, April 9th, the North Miami City Council overwhelmingly approved (4-1 vote), a resolution allowing Pastor Jack Hakimian and Mission Miami, to host a National Day of Prayer (NDOP) event in the city, the first time ever! However, immediately after the resolution was adopted, Councilman Scott Galvin, an militant extremist, started a vicious campaign to overturn the resolution. According to Galvin, he was "offended" by Pastor Hakimian's message of hope and healing for homosexuals.

As soon as the CFC was notified, we sprang into action providing tactical and strategic advice to Mission Miami. First, we generated hundreds of emails to the North Miami City Council thanking them for their support of the National Day of Prayer, (NDOP), this was followed by a press conference at North Miami City Hall with pastors from the city. We then secured a major endorsement from the Honorable State Representative Daphne Campbell, the Democratic State Representative for North Miami in Tallahassee.

Finally, after North Miami Councilman Michael Blynn tried to remove the NDOP from the city, CFC organized a Rally for Your Rights to fight for prayer! On Tuesday, April 23rd, we filled North Miami city hall with over fifty (50) Christians in defense of prayer, while only 5 homosexual extremists showed up! Christians outnumbered the extremists by a 5-1 margin and we won!

The North Miami City Council refused to REMOVE the National Day of Prayer from the city. We want to thank State Rep. Daphne Campbell as well as Mayor Andre Pierre, Councilman Marcelus and Councilwoman Steril for their unwavering support!

Christian Family Coalition issued the following statement:

"Today, was a smashing victory not only for the National Day of Prayer in North Miami, but a demonstration for Christians everywhere that we will NOT be intimidated by militant extremists who try to censor our message of hope and healing for homosexuals everywhere"