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MIAMI-Today, the Christian Family Coalition (CFC), Florida's premiere human rights and social justice organization, announced yet another huge victory for speech equality (all forms of civil speech should be treated equally and with respect) in Miami-Dade County!


On Thursday, April 16th, the CFC uncovered a plot by local homosexual extremists to pressure the Miami-Dade Community Relations Board (CRB) to disinvite Dr. Bernice King as CRB Golden Anniversary Luncheon keynote speaker.

Why? Simply because, as a devout Christian, Dr. King defends Marriage as one man, one woman and defends innocent Human Life from conception to natural death. Dr. King's open disagreement with the extremist homosexualist ideology is the reason homosexualist bullies are pressuring the CRB to slight and drop her as keynote speaker of CRB's upcoming event.

To counter this unconscionable bigotry and discrimination, CFC prepared an email and launched a campaign supporting Dr. King and encouraging the Community Relations Board to stand their ground and respect their invitation to Dr. King as keynote speaker.

After hundreds of emails supporting Dr. King were received in County Hall, the CRB REFUSED to drop Dr. King as keynote speaker and the event went on as planned. 

Christian Family Coalition issued the following statement:

"Today, was a smashing victory not only for Dr. Bernice King's right to speak, but a demonstration for Christians everywhere that we will NOT be intimidated by militant anti-life and homosexual extremists who try to censor our pro-life and pro-marriage (one man, one woman) message"