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MIAMI-Today’s narrow U.S. Supreme Court decision is not the victory Marriage opponents would have everyone falsely believe,it did not declare a  constitutional right to homosexual so-called "marriage". 

In fact, Justice Alito declared, 'The Constitution Does Not Guarantee the Right to Enter Into a Same-Sex Marriage'.  Thirty-seven (37) states, including Florida, continue to respect Marriage as the union of one man, one woman. 


Although you will hear from most media sources that DOMA was dismantled today, Justice Kennedy, acknowledges in his majority opinion the inherent right of individual states to define and regulate marriage as they see fit.
Here’s the big picture of what the Court did not do:

·         It did not create a constitutional right to same-sex marriage as it did for abortion in 1973. 

·         It also did not declare same-sex marriage a civil right on the order of ethnicity or nationality. 

Though Christian Family Coalition disagrees with aspects of the Court's decision, we are grateful that the Court did not undermine the will of Florida voters who defined marriage in our State Constitution.

In DOMA, we believe that the court erred in claiming that a state that has redefined marriage can force that definition on the federal government for purposes of federal marriage laws.

In California, the court has ensured that the state-by-state debate about marriage is allowed to continue. Truly the debate over marriage has just begun.

Marriage is more than just a personal promise, it serves a public purpose. It is society's best guarantee of a limited government that stays out of family life. Social science data has proved this time and time again.

Christian Family Coalition is committed to continuing to stand for marriage and to defeat any efforts to redefine this essential union.