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PLS REVIEW & ADVISE URGENT! - Extremists desperate...  
Extremists desperate attempts to pass "transsexual" ordinance  
Try to fool commissioners by sending them emails from outside group!

MIAMI-As the Health & Social Services Committee of the Miami-Dade County Commission is preparing to take a critical vote on the "transsexual" ordinance, extremists are getting desperate.  Marking a new low in politics, they are waging a dishonest campaign of misinformation:

LIE #1

 "This law in no way protects people who PRETEND TO BE THE OPPOSITE  GENDER (SEX)"



TRUTH: There are more than a dozen documented cases of criminal behavior by men dressed up as women (or pretending to be) USING women's bathrooms, locker rooms, showers and dressingrooms. All in cities, counties, and companies where similare policies have been imposed, and even where these policies don't exist. 

 LIE #2

"This law has nothing to do with bathrooms, nor will it affect policies regulating the use of public bathrooms.”




TRUTH: According to an Associated Press (AP) story on March 11, 2013, a state administrative law judge has ruled that a transgender woman should not have been ordered out of a courthouse women's restroom by a sheriff's deputy.  The judge decided in favor of Jodie Jones, who has been presenting herself as a woman since May 2011.

 LIE #3






TRUTH: Men can use women's bathrooms, dressing rooms, showers and locker rooms under proposal.


 LIE #4

The proposed "transsexual" ordinance prohibits discrimination. 





TRUTH: The proposed "transsexual" ordinance results in discrimination. In November 2011, Natalie Johnson was fired from her job for trying to protect her customers from the "transsexual" policy.

As you can see, in recent weeks, extremists have been caught outright lying about the "transsexual" ordinance.
Now, they have been caught trying to fool commissioners by sending them emails from a group outisde Miami-Dade County, to pass the "transsexual" ordinance. 
"Extremists attempts to derail the truth about the proposed "transsexual" ordinance is as predictable as the sun rising each day", said Nathaniel Wilcox, Executive Director, People United Leading the Struggle for Equality (PULSE). 
At a recent committee hearing, hundreds of people turned out and packed the room. We need to continue sending our emails. Your government officials need to hear you now!

Don't let the lies from "transexxual" extremists be the only voices the commission is hearing. Now is the time to speak out!
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