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VICTORY REPORT: Christian Family Coalition Defeats...  


Christian Family Coalition and Allied Human Rights

Organizations Defeat Dangerous, Divisive and

Discriminatory "Transsexual" Ordinance! 

Miami-Dade Commission defers, then finally drops, harmful proposal

 MIAMI, FL - Today, the Christian Family Coalition (CFC), Florida's premier human rights and social justice advocacy organization announced that for the second time in two months, it has successfully led a campaign to protect Miami-Dade residents against a proposed dangerous and discriminatory "Transsexual" ordinance that undermined public safety, health, and welfare. 
July's organized field and lobbying effort effectively communicated the message that the proposed "Transsexual" ordinance was discriminatory, unnecessary, and undermined public safety. The campaign culminated on July 8th, when more than two-hundred and fifty pro-Family, Human Rights advocates showed up at Miami-Dade County Commission chambers calling for a "NO" vote on the harmful, ideologically-based measure.  
CFC led the charge again in August, culminating in the defeat of the discriminatory "Transsexual" ordinance when its sponsors announced, today, August 14th, that they were withdrawing it because they lacked the votes to even get it through committee. 

CFC is committed to educating community leaders on this and all all issues related to equality and fairness for all, thereby securing a safer, better Miami-Dade for everyone.
Miami-Dade is not alone in rejecting this dangerous and discriminatory "Transsexual" ordinance. Just this year, the Florida legislature rejected a similar proposal as did the City of Jacksonville last year along with at least half a dozen other municipalities across the country.     

Our thanks to the entire coalition of human rights organizations and individuals that generously worked in this effort, especially Florida State Representative Daphne Campbell (D) North Miami.
Human rights organizations issued the following statements:
"County ordinances should protect and expand rights, not restrict or deny freedoms," stated Nathaniel Wilcox, Executive Director, People United to Lead the Struggle for Equality (PULSE).

"The Miami-Dade Commission deferred, then finally dumped this misguided, discriminatory ordinance. Meanwhile voter opposition to this type of legislation continues to grow nationwide," said Dr. Eladio Jose Armesto, Chairman, Florida Democratic League (FDL).  "The message to Commissioners is clear: get to work assisting and protecting families, not threatening and endangering them"

"The fact that the discriminatory "Transsexual" ordinance did not even make it on the agenda for a public hearing shows that more and more people have come to understand what this ideological issue is about," said Anthony Verdugo, Founder and Executive Director, Christian Family Coalition (CFC). 

Human rights organizations oppose the measure arguing that it's unnecessary, undermines public safety and would have written discrimination into the County Charter for the first time in the history of Miami-Dade.  "Our leaders must focus on expanding our civil rights and resolving pressing county-wide problems such as inadequate health care, poor education, high unemployment, and affordable housing - not abusing the County Charter to impose on us divisive, dangerous, and discriminatory ideological statements," said leaders in a joint statement issued by all human rights organizations.  



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