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ALERT! Turnout for "transsexual" ordinance...  

 "Transsexual" Ordinance Rally = Huge Embarrassment

Even commissioners that sponsored Miami-Dade's 
discriminatory "transsexual" ordinance knew not to show up!

MIAMI, FL - Today, the Christian Family Coalition (CFC), Florida's premier human rights and social justice advocacy organization exposed that this Sunday's so-called "Trans Equality rally" in Downtown Miami put on by a local extremist hate group drew embarrassingly few attendees, according to the Miami Herald. This despite the so-called "rally" having been rescheduled once already.
In response, CFC issued the following statement:
"On July 8th, the Monday right after the July 4th weekend, CFC hosted an impromptu Rally for Your Rights at Miami-Dade County Hall where over 300 fair-minded community leaders and citizens said 'NO' to the proposed discriminatory 'transsexual' ordinance. 

This Sunday, despite weeks of intense planning and extensive pre-event publicity, only a few dozen attended the much-touted "rally" in support of the discriminatory 'transsexual' proposal. Even more telling is the fact that not one of the commissioners that sponsored the ordinance, nor a single elected official, or community or business leader attended either! 

Today's "Transsexual Rally" debacle is ample proof that the proposed discriminatory 'Transsexual' ordinance is not wanted nor needed in tolerant, diverse Miami-Dade County. There is absolutely no support among Miami-Dade residents for legalizing discrimination against everyone for who they are and what they believe."