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Christian Family Coalition Hosts Most Successful 2009 Family, Faith & Freedom Breakfast!  
On Saturday, September 19th, the Christian Family Coalition hosted its most successful Family, Faith & Freedom Breakfast ever at the Miami Airport Hilton hotel with over three hundred (300) attendees!

Our keynote speaker this year was Janet (Folger) Porter, founder and president of Faith to Action, a premiere national pro-family group. 
Also in attendance were distinguished guests such as city of Miami Mayoral candidate, Joe Sanchez; former state representative and candidate for city of Miami Commission district 3, Luis Morse; candidate for city of Miami Commission district 3, Mavel Lopez; Manolo Reyes, economist and candidate for city of Miami Commission district 4; Marilyn Leslie Maloy, candidate State House District 104; Esteban Bovo, state representative district 110; David Rivera, state representative district 112 and candidate for state senate district 38; Jeanette Nunez and Sandra Ruiz, candidates for state house district 112; and Carla Ascencio-Savola, candidate for state house district 115.
According to Anthony Verdugo, Founder and Executive Director, Christian Family Coalition, the event was so successful that the hotel nearly ran out of food and extra tables had to be set to seat the additional guests --- always a good problem!

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