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Citizen Leadership Institute 
Empowers Advocates Defending Human Rights

<<< CFC Commits to Keeping Miami-Dade a Respectful, Tolerant Community >>>
MIAMI, FL - An extraordinary class of citizen-advocates are now empowered and prepared for action by participating in the Christian Family Coalition's (CFC) annual Citizen Leadership Institute, this past Saturday, October 5th. The distinguished leaders from across Miami-Dade analyzed challenges, discussed strategies, and readied themselves to effectively defend human rights in government and the public square.
As a result, this highly-motivated team of citizen-advocates will now be educating and informing their elected public officials on priorities and issues of critical concern to their constituents. Priorities such as crime, unemployment, and education, along with fabricated "issues" such as the discriminatory and dangerous "sexual identity or expression" ordinance that has caused immense havoc, suffering and crime in other parts of the country where it's been irresponsibly adopted. 

"Everyone is in danger of becoming a victim of discrimination and invasions of privacy if Miami-Dade county adopts this harmful ordinance. It's time to put an end to this travesty once and for all," stated Anthony Verdugo, CFC Founder and Executive Director. 
Citizen-advocates will now connect with their commissioners, sharing with them hard, compelling facts about the concrete harms this so-called "transsexual" ordinance causes. And while ordinance sponsors brag they will bring back this reckless and discriminatory proposal, thanks to the Citizen Leadership Institute, prominent community leaders and human rights organizations are today better equipped to protect our community's human and civil rights.
This past summer, CFC successfully mobilized thousands of members and supporters in a county-wide campaign asking commissioners to reject the proposed "transsexual" ordinance. Despite a hostile political environment, a winning coalition of close to twenty prestigious human rights organizations, working together with dedicated allies, now stand ready to safeguard Miami-Dade residents against any threat from this or any other discriminatory, "transsexual"-type ordinance. 

Their courageous message is clear: Legalizing discrimination in Miami-Dade through a so-called “sexual identity and expression” ordinance is never the answer. Human Rights are not negotiable.