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BREAKING! CFC Issues Statement on Duck Dynasty Star Comments...  

Today, the Christian Family Coalition (CFC), Florida's premiere and now oldest, human rights and social justice advocacy organization, issued the following statement:

Last week GQ magazine released a partial transcript from an interview it conducted with Phil Robertson, patriarch of the Robertson family, stars of A&E's wildly popular reality television show 'Duck Dynasty'.  During the interview, GQ asked Robertson what he considered to be sinful behavior, he listed a series of sins from the BIBLE, which included, adultery, pre-marital sex, greed and yes, homosexualism.  

While adulterers and the greedy are not calling on him to be fired from his job, extremist homosexualist hate groups like GLAAD are, how hypocritical is that?  They demand 'tolerance' for their sexuality, but are intolerant of Phil's Christianity. 
Tolerance is a two-way street, extremist hate groups like GLAAD, are just anti-Christian bigots in disguise, America and the CFC stand with Phil Robertson's right to speech equality, those opposed just don't get it, today it's Phil Robertson, tomorrow, it will be them.