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A Real Citizen's Uprising!  


A Real Citizen's Uprising!


MIAMI-The Miami Herald reports that a citizen's uprising of sorts occurred at the Miami-Dade County Courthouse yesterday, Tuesday, May 6th when voters arrived for the first-ever hearing in Miami-Dade County on the homosexual so-called "marriage" suit filed earlier this year. As previously reported by Christian Family Coalition Florida (CFCF), Miami-Dade Clerk Harvey Ruvin is asking Judge Zabel to slow down the suit until after a similar federal case is decided in the future.

"We applaud Miami-Dade Clerk Harvey Ruvin for taking this courageous and responsible step forward for our community, we also commend the citizen's of Miami-Dade County who are asking Judge Zabel to respect the will of the 8 million voters who already decided this public policy issue at the ballot box in the historic 2008 U.S. Presidential elections which elected our first African-American president", stated Wendy Guzman, spokesperson, Christian Family Coalition Florida (CFCF).

A concerned Miami-Dade voter told the Herald, "We’re here to defend the constitution and the voters’ rights," said Max Tovar, who distributed pro-abatement stickers to the others. "It’s very scary that if the judge defies the constitution and the voters’ rights on this issue, they could pretty much defy the constitution on any other issue. That would be totally un-American, anti-democratic and violate the basic core of the foundation of this nation."

From The Miami Herald:  Miami-Dade Clerk Harvey Ruvin asks judge to slow couples' gay marriage suit until other cases settled