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ACTION ALERT! Christian Family Coalition Joins Property Tax Protest!  
MIAMI-Take action; don't let the Mayor and the County Commission raise your property taxes to maintain the waste, malfeasance and excessively high salaries rampant in Miami Dade County Government.

This coming Thursday, August 27th, the organizations Fair Property Tax For all and Change for Miami Dade will hold protests at THREE different intersections throughout Miami Dade County.


Join us and send a LOUD and CLEAR message to the Mayor and Commissioners.


Will they listen?


You can be sure they won't, if the citizens of this county do not turn out and join this protest. 


YOU, and only YOU, can turn the tide of HIGH taxes and ABUSIVE government here in Miami Dade County, make plans to attend one of these three protests and spread the word by forwarding this Email, posting this on your Facebook Page, or Twittering this message.


The Media will be there so every person will count.

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