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A Historic Day in the Fight for Marriage in Florida!  

A Historic Day in the Fight for Marriage in America!

"Marriage supporters far more vocal" - Miami Herald

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Anthony Verdugo, Christian Family Coalition

MIAMI-Yesterday, the Christian Family Coalition (CFC) Florida, our state's premiere human rights and social justice advocacy organization made history in the fight for marriage when we organized the single largest Rally for Your Rights in any courthouse in America! 
Over three-hundred and twenty (320) CFC members and supporters turned out at the Miami-Dade County Courthouse for a court hearing far out numbering homosexual extremists who are trying to overthrow Florida's voter-approved constitution which defines marriage as the union of one man, one woman.  Regardless of how you feel about marriage or any other public policy issue, one sitting judge does not have the right to throw out 8 million votes cast.
The purpose of yesterday's hearing, the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act and just two days before July 4th, was to ask Judge Sarah Zabel to immediately throw out Florida's voter-approved constitutional amendment respecting marriage and to order Miami-Dade Clerk of Courts Harvey Ruvin to immediately begin selling fake homosexual "marriage " licenses without a trial!  
However, it was NOT TO BE, because we stood in the gap, we made the difference!  We reminded everyone of our very simple message: Respect My Vote.  If homosexual extremists do not like the results of the election, then let them go out and gather the signatures to put the question back on the ballot just as we did!
Our side inside was represented by three very capable attorneys: Adam Tanenbaum, Florida Deputy Solicitor General, representing Attorney General Pam Bondi, Mat Staver from Liberty Counsel representing the Florida Democratic League (FDL) and People United to Lead the Struggle for Equality (PULSE) and Alexander Alfano, representing Christian Family Coalition (CFC) Florida. 
Deputy Solicitor Tanenbaum stated, "Your honor the voters in 2008 made a policy decision which they have the right to do as to what the definition of marriage should be in the state of Florida, it is not for this court to second guess or make a determination whether that was a good policy or a bad policy.  It remains for this court simply to follow what is binding legal precedent from the U.S. Supreme Court".  
Mat Staver and Alexander Alfano reminded Judge Zabel that according to Florida Rules of Civil Procedure, she could not make a decision in this case without a trial.  
The CFC's communications campaign against this discriminatory lawsuit against marriage clearly had an impact on oral arguments in two separate instances.  First, the Clerk of Courts office reminded the court that Florida marriage license applications have the words "husband" and "wife" and asked the judge to tell them what to do if the court enters an order and homosexuals go to get licenses with forms that are not "gender neutral".  
This was clearly a reference to our press conference on Monday morning which reminded Miami-Dade Clerk of Courts Harvey Ruvin that he is not allowed by Florida state law to sell fake homosexual "marriage" licenses.  
However, perhaps the most chilling moment in the courtroom came when Jeffrey Michael Cohen, an insurance attorney with Carlton Fields referred to our Respect My Vote campaign as the "Tyranny of the majority".  This phrase constitutes active oppression comparable to that of tyrants and despots.  

However, what Mr. Cohen fails to recognize is that supermajority rules, such as the 62% who approved Florida's constitutional respect for marriage, and the Bill of Rights itself, have been used to counter the problem.  Furthermore, a variation of this, "the tyranny of the Federal government" was used prominently by the KKK.
While Judge Sarah Zabel refused to issue a ruling yesterday, all of us remind her that when she does announce her decision, that she do so in open court in the day of light, rather than under the cover of darkness.

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