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Victory Report - Miami Shores  

Last night God won - and you courageouslymade the difference.


Stunning Defeat for Homosexual "Marriage" in South Florida, growing backlash to homosexual "marriage" lawsuit.

MIAMI-In a stinging defeat, the village of Miami ShoresTuesday night rejected, by a 3-2 margin, a resolution supporting a sham lawsuit seeking to impose homosexual so-called "marriage" on the people of Florida. Miami Shores is the first of many cities in the state which will do so.  
The resolution's sponsor, Councilman Jesse Walters, a financial supporter to Miami-Dade Judge Sarah Zabel, sponsored the failed initiative.  The resolution intended to give political cover to Judge Zabel who currently presides over the homosexual "marriage" case filed by extremists in January of this year. The defeat also comes from a city Judge Zabel lives very near to and on the very same week she is is expected to issue an illegal ruling.
Christian Family Coalition (CFC) Florida issued the following statement:
"Congratulations to alert and fair-minded Miami Shores residents who mobilized and launched an effective grassroots campaign within a matter of days. This victory shows clearly the power of citizen action. Mayor Herta Holly and Councilman Hunt Davis and Councilman Jim McCoy correctly admitted that this is a public policy issue Miami Shores voters never elected the council to address.  Voters elected the council to focus on balancing the budget, keeping taxes low, and property values high, not to dictate well-settled marriage policy to their residents who have a wide variety of opinions on the issue and have already made their feelings known at the ballot box in the historic 2008 elections."


Miami Shores Village Council voted 3-2 to defeat "homosexual" marriage resolution.
The CFC surpassed seating capacity.
Courageous members of the community made their voices heard.

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