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Your rights under attack!  

Another outlaw judge overthrows Florida's constitutional respect for marriage!
Racist ruling will not stand!

MIAMI-In yet another another example of lawlessness in South Florida over the last 18 days, today, Broward Circuit Judge Dale Cohen, overthrew Florida's voter-approved constitutional respect for marriage as the union of one man, one woman.

Judge Cohen's corrupt decision is a judicial lynching of 8 million voters who cast their ballots in 2008 and fully expected to have their votes respected, among them, 64% of Hispanic voters and 71% of African-American voters.

He also violated the constitutional rights to due process and equal protection of ALL voters as well as offended "basic human decency" in "finding" a "constitutional right to homosexual so-called 'marriage', which does not even exist!".

Cohen's corrupt decision to overthrow Florida's voter-approved Constitutional respect for marriage as the union of one man, one woman, is in open contempt to legally binding precedent established by the U.S. Supreme Court in U.S. vs. Windsor. It denies the voter rights of nearly 8 million Florida voters, violates his Oath of Office, and violates. Cohen has forfeited his legacy and his right to remain on the bench.

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