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Election Alert! Meet the CFC candidates who won!  
2014082714 Christian family Coalition
Welcome to the Christian Family Coalition (CFC) Florida Winner's Circle

67% of CFC-Recommended Candidates in South Florida win!


Welcome to the Christian Family Coalition (CFC) Florida Winner's Circle

67% of CFC-Recommended Candidates in South Florida win!

MIAMI, FL - Today, the Christian Family Coalition, (CFC), Florida, our state's premier human rights and social justice advocacy organization, celebrated the election of over one dozen highly-qualified candidates from all across South Florida.

From State House races, to county commission, judicial and school board elections, during the 2014 primary election season, CFC Florida carried out its largest electoral effort in the history of the organization. We mobilized our members and supporters by recruiting and training an army of grassroots volunteers and strategically targeting high impact races, the CFC once again helped to increase the number of fair-minded candidates supporting fairness and equality for the Christian community.

"This election continues a paradigm shift in South Florida. The pendulum is continuing to swing in our direction and away from the anti-Christian forces that dominated the political landscape for too long and toward new leadership that acknowledges that we, too, must be respected," said CFC Florida Founder and Executive Director, Anthony Verdugo. "For far too long, Christians in our community are disrespected and mistreated as second-class citizens. Now the Christian community and the entire social justice movement has a voice in South Florida government through the election of more than a dozen new bipartisan elected officials."


Florida State Representative Daphne Campbell, District 108


Florida State Representative Bryan Avila, District 111


Miami-Dade Circuit Judge, Stephen Millan, Group 16


Miami-Dade Circuit Judge, Rodney "Rod" Smith, Group 26


Miami-Dade County Judge, Victoria Ferrer, Group 36


Miami-Dade County Judge, Jacqueline "Jackie" Schwartz, Group 19 (November run-off)


Miami-Dade School Board Member, Perla Tabares-Hantman, District 4


Miami-Dade School Board Member, Marta Perez, District 8


Miami-Dade County Commissioner, Javier D. Souto, District 10


Miami-Dade County Commissioner, Jose "Pepe" Diaz, District 12


Miami-Dade Property Appraiser, Eddy Gonzalez (November run-off)


Broward County Circuit Judge, Dennis Bailey, Group 16 (November run-off)


Broward County Judge, Ian Richards, Group 27 (November run-off)


Broward County Circuit Judge, John Patrick Contini, Group 27




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